Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Little Girl who thought her dreams were REAL!

The little girl woke up from her nightmare and ran to her parents bedroom and woke her mom up.
"mom!mom!",she yelled
Her mom didnt woke up.
"mommy!!",she scramed.The little girl touched her arm and it was cold. "mommy...?'',she whispered.
Her moms head turned to her and her mom had a bony face and her eyes was torn of her face...she was dead. The little girl screamed. She backed up and felt a body,she looked behind her and it was a strange man with a bloody axe in his hand,he was covered in blood.The little girl screames and ran to the stairs and tried to open the door but the man was behind her and her grabed her hair and cut her leg off.
The girl screamed and then she woke up from her nightmare.She looked everywhere and she was in a pharmacy truck.
''where am i?'',the little girl ask.
''shhh! you must rest u got hurt''! the man said.
The little girl looked at the window and saw her parents in the body bags.
"what happened?'' she asked.
"well your parents are dead and you got hurt on your leg by a mad man but he got away.",He said.
"what?''she asked
"you will stay in a hospital where you will be safe".
So the little girl lived in a hospital for 4 years.She turned 9 today and everyone celebrate her birthday.But when it was 9:00pm she went to bed.She heard a noice in her room and she walked to her mirror and looked at herself and her half leg.Then she saw a man with an axe ,the one that was in her dream but was real, he came for her!.
The next day the doctors and nurses went in her room and saw her in her bed all bloody and her eyes ripped off of her face.Their was a note in her hands. They read it.